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Los Angeles HPOZ Program

Los Angeles Historic Perservation Overlay Zone Installation Los Angeles Kenny Tashman March 31, 2017 Los Angeles Historic Perservation Overlay Zone Pricing and Installation in Los Angeles Tashman Home Center Travis Glodt March 31, 2017
Los Angeles Historic Perservation Overlay Zone Pricing and Installation Los Angeles
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Product description: Tashman Home Center has over 55 Years of Installation Experience we know HPOZ Zoning. We can help you find and install any window for your historical home. Call us today at 323 498-2417.
Tashmans Understands the HPOZ Process Front to Back
Tashman Home Center Knows the HPOZ Zoning Laws and Can Help You Update Your Windows in Your Historic Home

Trying to Figure out the LA HPOZ Program?

Los Angeles’ Historic Preservation Overlay Zone (HPOZ) ordinance, passed in 1979, allows a neighborhood to petition the city for designation as a historic district. If the designation is approved, any significant changes to structures within the zone require special approval from a panel made up of residents, a Realtor, a contractor and an architect (HPOZ Board).

Today, Los Angeles has 30 designated Historic Preservation Overlay Zones covering a variety of neighborhoods of 25,000 properties and another 15 neighborhoods that are in the process of applying for this designation.

Tashman Home Center – Approved HPOZ Vendor

If your property lies in one of the 30 designated Historic Preservation Overlay Zones, Tashman, as an approved vendor, can help you navigate the HPOZ approval process.

We are experts in restoring and replacing windows and doors with historically correct materials and styles. Tashman also understands HPOZ requirements and can help you provide the necessary information to get your project approved by your local HPOZ board.

Los Angeles Conservancy

In addition to our approved HPOZ Vendor status we are also an approved Resource Professional for the Los Angeles Conservancy.

Frequently Asked Question

  • How are you going to help us with the HPOZ approval process?

    Our window expert team understands the sensitivity of historic home preservation. As an approved HPOZ vendor we can help you with the HPOZ process and requirements put forth by the HPOZ board.

  • What are the products and services you provide?

    Tashman not only oversees the design of the historically correct, custom-made wood windows and doors, it fabricates them and provides their custom installation.

  • Do you work with architects and contractors?

    Tashman has over forty years experience working with architects and contractors. We are able to provide any drawings, samples or anything needed for the design, execution and installation of HPOZ approved windows and doors.

Tashman Windows & Doors

To see our extensive selection of wood windows please check out the following:

To see our extensive selection of wood doors please check out the following:

HPOZ Approved Exterior Paint Colors

If you would like to know what’s involved in selecting exterior house paint colors for homes residing in the 30 HPOZ districts, please read our blog, Selecting Exterior Paint Colors for HPOZ Designated Homes.

Benefits of Preservation

Historic preservation is not just about regulations that prevent inappropriate changes to historic resources. Successful historic preservation programs also make available positive incentives, providing property owners financial and technical tools that help give new life to historic properties.

Economic incentives are available to historic preservation projects at the local, state and federal levels.

Preservation Incentives

Helpful Tools for Property Owners

Caring for Your Historic Home

Professional Installation

Tashman provides custom, professional installation done with our own crews (Lic # 298720) – not subcontractors. We are known for our attention to detail, so, if we do the installation, we make sure it’s done right the first time – because we guarantee it.

What People Are Saying

"I used Tashman Home Center for restoring and fixing my 60-plus year old home in the Sherman Oaks Hills. Kenny Tashman, the owner was great; very smart and knowledgable in his field. Kenny accessed the problem very well and did a great job in correcting it. Practically every window and door had to be fixed and or replaced. We also added security screen doors and new lighting fixtures throughout the house.

Kenny made sure that every window and door was restored back to its original look. His employees worked hard and knew what they were doing when it comes to windows, doors, screens and lighting fixtures.

Kenny also has a great approach in that he made sure to walk me through all different options available, so there was a choice, both in the best price as well as the best product.

I have also use Tashman Home Center, on Santa Monica Blvd. just East of Fairfax, for our apartment buildings. The store is a super place that has most hardware needs from making new keys, to tools and fixtures – just to name a few.

I highly recommend Tashman Home Center, Thank you,"

Francine Robbins, Sherman Oaks Hills

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