Wood Species


  • Your choice of Red Oak, Cherry, Maple, Fir or African Mahogany.
  • Type one exterior glue is used on all joints.
  • High profile raised molding is applied to both sides of the door to accent the panels and glass.
  • All doors utilize glue and dowel construction.
  • Oak, Cherry, Maple, Fir or African Mahogany are veneered doors.


  • Doors are available 3/0x6/8. Models 1401, 1121 and 821 are available in 2/6 and 2/8 widths. Some models are stocked in 3/6 width. 8/0 height is available in the 1401, 821, 721, 1101, and 1201.
  • Sidelites are 1/0 or 1/2x6/8.
  • Custom sizes are available on a quotation basis.