CHAPIN Lawn & Garden Series Compression Sprayer 0.5 gal Tank Poly Tank 34 in L Hose White


Sale price$29.99

The CHAPIN SureSpray™ sprayer is a great option for the homeowner. The 1/2 gal poly tank comes with an ergonomic pump handle, poly wand with comfortable trigger shut-off, adjustable cone nozzle and SureSpray™ anti-clog in-tank filter.

  • 1/2 gal poly tank
  • 1/2 gal poly tank
  • Unique SureSpray™ anti-clog filter
  • Ergonomic pump handle and comfortable trigger shut-off
  • Adjustable cone nozzle

For fertilizers, weed and feed, fungicides, herbicides, pesticides and cleaners

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