ClarkDietrich Corner Bead 8 ft L 1-1/4 in W Steel G30 Galvanized


Sale price$2.49

Quicksilver™ Corner bead is a hot dipped, highly durable galvanized bead that offers superior corrosion protection. This bead is ideal for humid, moisture prone conditions and high-traffic areas subject to more than normal abuse. Recognized as a superior corrosion-resistant drywall finishing corner bead, Quicksilver™ corner bead provides a high-quality finish and solid protection at drywall corners. This traditional drywall finishing product is nailed, stapled, screwed or clinched into place. Flanges are deeply knurled and perforated for excellent joint compound adhesion.

  • Rustproof and dent-resistant
  • Rustproof and dent-resistant
  • Multiple perforations enhance joint compound bond
  • Maintains shape with no sharp edges or burrs when field cut
  • Easily cut with snips, utility knives or scissors

For humid, moisture-prone conditions and high-traffic areas

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