Diablo Circular Saw Blade 10 in Dia 5/8 in Arbor 90 Teeth Carbide Cutting Edge


Sale price$60.99

Diablo new ultimate polished finish saw blades feature axial shear face grind (ASFG) that cleanly shears through materials for excellent quality finishes on fine molding, hardwoods, softwoods, veneered plywood, melamine and more. Also featuring double-side grind tooth geometry, an incredible 200 additional grinds, this blade produces precise, polished-like cuts equal to that of 220-grit sandpaper or higher. Diablo proprietary TiCo high-density carbide is designed specifically to deliver extreme durability and 5X longer life on materials requiring polished-like finishes. Unlike other blades on the market, Diablo ultimate polished finish saw blades have a laser-cut, ultra-thin kerf blade design for fast, effortless cuts on corded or cordless saws making this the go-to blade when working at a permanent location or at a portable jobsite. Diablo new ultimate polished finish saw blades are redefining cutting by introducing radical technology to maximize performance and extend cutting life, saving the PRO both time and money when completing their projects.

  • Double-side grind tooth geometry produces ultimate polished finishes equal to at least the finish of 220-grit sandpaper
  • Axial shear-face grind design cleanly shears through material for a excellent quality finish
  • TiCo hi-density carbide specifically designed for each application to increase performance
  • The new ultra-thin kerf delivers fast and effortless cuts with a reduced amp draw on tools for less material waste and to help maximize tool performance

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