Diablo SandNET Drywall Sanding Sheet 11-1/4 in L 4-3/16 in W Ultra fine Grit 220 Ceramic Abrasive


Sale price$6.29

Diablo SandNET™ drywall sheets with reusable sanding technology are the most advanced sanding sheets on the market with up to 10X longer life versus standard sanding sheets. Each SandNET™ sheet features a clog reducing nylon net design coated in a premium ceramic blend grit for fast material removal while reducing material build up. These innovative sheets are the premier solution when seeking ultra smooth finishes when sanding drywall, mud and plaster from medium to large surface areas. The SandNET™ design is easy to clean and reuse multiple times by simply shaking, vacuuming or rinsing the sheet to remove any pitch build up.

  • Ultra fine grit for intercoat sanding of stain or varnish
  • Ultra fine grit for intercoat sanding of stain or varnish
  • Clog reducing net design for less dust build up and up to 10X longer sanding life
  • Premium ceramic grain blend for fast material removal and extra long sanding life
  • Reusable technology, simply shake, vacuum or rinse and reuse
  • 5 SandNET™ sheets is equal to 50 standard sandpaper sheets
  • Ideal for hand sanding and pole sanders

For final sanding and surface preparation for stain/varnish, new construction, paint refinishing, project construction, renovation, surface prep and reconditioning

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