Gator Sanding Wheel 4 in Dia 60 Grit Extra Coarse Silicone Carbide Abrasive


Sale price$13.99

Gator offers several sanding and stripping wheels for either your electric drills or angle grinders. For your right-angle grinder, choose from 4 in, 4-1/2 in or 7 in turbo backing pads which allow mounting/backing for fiber or surface conditioning discs.

  • Open mesh helps prevent clogging
  • Open mesh helps prevent clogging
  • The open-webbed, semi-flexible design of this wheel makes it easy to strip edges, contours and uneven surfaces without gouging
  • Silicon carbide grain is uniformly distributed throughout the wheel, allowing for aggressive removal of paint and rust
  • Rapidly removing scale and oxidation, satin finishing small and large surfaces, removing paints or other clogging materials such as salt, rust, grease, oil and protective coatings

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