GB Cable Staple 3/4 in W Crown 1-1/4 in L Leg Plastic/Polyethylene


Sale price$5.99

For metallic and non-metallic cording and cable. Easy to install, drive both zinc-plated nails together without splitting wood. Recessed nail heads for minimum exposure. Smooth saddle (3/8 in width) prevents damage to insulation. High-grade, injection molded polypropylene resists rot, rust, deterioration and effects of extreme temperature, non-conductive for safe and secure cable fastening.

  • Polyethylene saddles will not rust, rot or deteriorate
  • Polyethylene saddles will not rust, rot or deteriorate
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Nail heads are recessed for minimum exposure
  • UV-resistant polyethylene saddle resilient against cracks and other deterioration
  • Zinc-plated nails resist rust and corrosion
  • This staple secures NM, UF and other types of non-metallic cable

For non-metallic cables

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