Gorilla Packaging Tape 35 yd L 2.83 in W Crystal Clear


Sale price$16.99

Gorilla Packaging Tape tough & wide provides the ultimate solution for moving, shipping and storing. This adhesive tape offers heavy-duty strength and durability. The crystal-clear packing tape is moisture and temperature-resistant and at nearly 3 in wide you can seal boxes with just 1 strip. Its smooth, quiet dispensing secures packages quick and easy with just one Tough & Wide strip. With its wider tape construction, easy-to-grip dispenser and problem-free tear, this tough tape is simpler to use than other packaging tapes. Plus, its easy-to-refill dispenser lets you get the job done in no time.

  • Tough and wide
  • Tough and wide
  • Extra thick
  • Crystal clear for protecting box labels
  • Smooth, quiet dispensing
  • Easy to cut
  • Moisture and temperature-resistant
  • Easy refill dispenser

For moving, shipping and storage, indoor and outdoor

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