Touch 'n Foam Fire Break Flame Resistant Sealant Amber 60 to 100 deg F 12 oz Can


Sale price$10.99

Touch ‘n Foam FireBreak is an easy-to-use fire block foam sealant that's ideal for DIY-ers and small contractor jobs. Independent testing confirms that FireBreak resists flaming twice as long as the competition and prohibits oxygen flow into service penetrations where fire may quickly spread. Using FireBreak in these penetrations slows the fire taking it longer to move to adjoining rooms, giving one valuable time to get to safety. FireBreak is bright orange and can be easily identified as an approved fire block penetration sealant.

  • Fills and seals service penetrations
  • Fills and seals service penetrations
  • Blocks air infiltration reducing flame spread into walls and ceilings
  • Self-extinguishing formula

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