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Western Windows Title 24 Compliant Windows - Los Angeles

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Western Windows Title 24 Compliant Windows
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Product description: Western Window Systems has been in business since 1959 and is focused on helping people realize their dreams with their homes. Western Windows now has title 24 Compliant Windows. Their innovative products are designed to blend the indoors with the outside. Western Window Systems is a way to make your home uniquely yours.
Title 24 Western Windows Systems in Los Angeles
Title 24 Western Windows Systems, Los Angeles CA
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[Phoenix] – November 29, 2016 – Western Window Systems announced today it will be bringing a revolutionary experience to the housing industry in 2017 based on a new aluminum product family designed and built for markets in the Northwest, Northeast, and Southeast regions of the country. State-of-the-art moving glass walls and windows, a total of 12 new product lines in all, will roll out over the course of the new year, giving architects design elements that promote open floor plans and indoor-outdoor living while still addressing energy, structural, and hurricane impact needs critical to each area. The new product family will feature Western Window Systems’ signature thin profiles and large expanses of glass, so architects can easily fit them into contemporary and modern designs.

“There has been so much innovation in contemporary architecture in the Southwest, we want to bring that same excitement to the rest of the country,” says Scott Gates, president and CEO of Western Window Systems. “Our new product family makes aluminum the most compelling choice for architects and designers looking to capture current trends. We believe it represents the future of residential design.”

The new family of thermally broken aluminum products, called the Series 7000, dramatically simplifies how architects select door and window products by offering across-the-board U-value ratings as low as .19 (when utilizing triple-pane glass), design pressure ratings above 50, and hurricane impact certification. Adding low-E coated glass from Cardinal Glass Industries (direct from its first IG plant in the Southwest) delivers energy efficiency in all types of weather. A signature aluminum extrusion design utilizing proprietary Insulbar technology handles strength and performance needs.

“The wood window industry has tried to address the demand for this type of architecture with products branded as ‘contemporary’ — and customers aren’t buying it,” says Gates. “Architects and designers want the look, functionality, and strength of aluminum, and have often sacrificed energy ratings to get it. Our new aluminum product family will be more energy efficient than wood.”

The new line of moving glass walls, doors, and windows easily integrates to form a unified look and feel throughout the whole house. Architects can take advantage of completely customizable options to create high-end, contemporary residences that have never been seen in these markets before.

“We’ve grown over 1300% over the last six years by giving the market what it wants,” says Gates. “This new product line brings that same innovation and passion to those East Coast and Florida markets that want better.”

The Series 7000 product family will be manufactured at the company’s new headquarters in Phoenix, starting with the Series 7600 Multi-Slide Door set to launch next spring. Western Window Systems will have corner samples on hand at the 2017 NAHB International Builders' Show (IBS), January 10-12 at Florida’s Orange County Convention Center, in Professional Builder’s Show Village, located in the convention center’s parking lot. The remaining 11 products will release throughout 2017.

Western Windows 600 Multi Slide Door Series

7600 Multi Slide Door

Embodying nearly 60 years of advancements in multi-slide door design, the Series 7600 is packed with innovations that address energy and structural requirements. Of course, the design elements that have made it a favorite with architects — thin profiles and large, unobstructed rolling glass panels that stack or slide into pockets — are still unmistakable.

A .30 U-value for standard, low-E, argon-filled dual-pane glass makes the Series 7600 able to deliver energy efficiency in a variety of weather conditions. And because it’s available in the most sizes and configurations of any brand, there are infinite ways to customize.

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7650 Sliding Glass Door

The Series 7650 Sliding Glass Door is more than the next generation of patio door — it’s a performance-focused solution for contemporary living spaces.

Our strongest and most energy-efficient aluminum sliding glass door ever, it features an energy-efficient .30 U-value for standard, low-E, argon-filled dual-pane glass, a design pressure (DP) rating of 50 for strength against the elements, and a modern sill option that creates a cleaner and smoother transition from the indoors to the outside.

Available in sizes that are taller and wider than you might expect, the Series 7650 is all about completely customizable options to fit your tastes and home design.

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Western Windows 600 Multi Slide Door Series
Western Windows 600 Multi Slide Door Series

7950 Bi-Fold Door

Reinvented for strength and energy efficiency, the Series 7950 Aluminum Bi-Fold Door is a perfect solution for architects, builders, and homeowners who want to design, build, and experience indoor-outdoor living in a variety of weather conditions.

As durable as it’s impeccably designed, it's built with premium grade materials and a flush sill option for a seamless transition from the indoors to the outside.

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7630 Window Wall

Whether you’re designing a single-panel or door-size opening, or a glass wall that spans an entire façade, the Series 7630 Window Wall delivers a durable, energy-efficient solution that allows for a modern look and more glass in a variety of weather conditions. And because it’s able to integrate with other Series 7000 sliding doors, ventilating windows, and hinged doors, your design style finds limitless expression.

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Western Windows 600 Multi Slide Door Series
Western Windows 600 Multi Slide Door Series

7000 Series Window Line

Create projects where windows stand out or, if you prefer, blend in. Choose casement, awning, hopper (arriving in early 2018), and fixed window styles for eye-catching contemporary statements. Or have them directly mulled to Series 7000 sliding doors, fixed window walls and hinged doors for an integrated solution with a clean overall appearance. Low U-values, Cardinal glass, and outstanding performance ratings make the Series 7000 window line our most energy-efficient ever.

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What is Title 24?

The California Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards are designed to ensure new and existing buildings achieve energy efficiency and preserve outdoor and indoor environmental quality. These measures (Title 24, Part 6) are listed in the California Code of Regulations. The California Energy Commission is responsible for adopting, implementing and updating building energy efficiency. Local city and county enforcement agencies have the authority to verify compliance with applicable building codes, including energy efficiency.

Why are energy standards important?

Since 1978, Energy Efficiency Standards make buildings more comfortable, lower energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Standards ensure that builders use the most energy efficient technologies and construction.

Why do the standards need to be updated?

The Energy Commission is required by law to adopt standards every three years that are cost effective for homeowners over the 30-year lifespan of a building. The standards are updated to consider and incorporate new energy efficient technologies and construction methods. The standards save energy, increase electricity supply reliability, increase indoor comfort, avoid the need to construct new power plants and help preserve the environment.

How much will these standards add to the cost of a new home?

On average, the 2016 Building Energy Efficiency Standards will increase the cost of constructing a new home by about $2,700, but will save $7,400 in energy and maintenance costs over 30 years. In other words, when factored into a 30-year mortgage with a 5 percent interest rate, the standards will add about $11 per month for the average home, but will save consumers roughly $31 on monthly heating, cooling, and lighting bills.

How much energy will the 2016 standards save?

Single family homes built to the 2016 standards will use about 28 percent less energy for lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation, and water heating than those built to the 2013 standards. In 30 years, California will have saved enough energy to power 2.2 million homes, reducing the need to build 12 additional power plants.

Do the 2016 residential standards get us to zero net energy?

In 2008, California set bold energy-use reduction goals, targeting zero net energy (ZNE) use in all new homes by 2020 and commercial buildings by 2030. The ZNE goal means new buildings must use a combination of improved efficiency and distributed renewable energy generation to meet 100 percent of their annual energy need. The 2016 standards will not get us to ZNE. However, they do get us very close to our goal and make important steps toward changing residential building practices in California. The 2019 standards will take the final step to achieve ZNE for newly constructed residential buildings throughout California.

Who supports the standards?

The California Building Industry Association supports the adopted standards as does the Natural Resources Defense Council and other environmental groups, investor owned utilities such as Pacific Gas & Electric and Southern California Edison, and publically owned utilities such as the Sacramento Municipal Utility District.

What buildings are covered by the standards?

All new construction of, and additions and alterations to, residential and nonresidential buildings are covered except hospitals, nursing homes, correctional centers, jails, and prisons.

Why do the standards vary by climate zone?

Measures that are cost effective in more extreme climates may not be cost effective in milder climates. Requiring measures by climate zone ensure that a building will have the most energy efficient features for that area. There are 16 climate zones in the state.

Tashman Home Center Los Angeles
Hardware Store Los Angeles Tashman Home Center
Tashman Home Center Los Angeles

See what our customers are saying. Click on the blue dots on the map to read real customer reviews. Our customers are very important to us. We listen to what you say and use your feedback to improve our business. Guild is a private company that helps us track our installation process and get real feedback from our customers.

Guild Surveys
Five Star Review Tashman Exceeded Expectations Tashmans Did a Great Job on my Project Tashman Home Center is the Best! Tashman Home Center Does Quality Work
Google Reviews

Maybe I have low standards from years of going to larger stores, but I had a perfect experience today and will only shop here from now on. 4 employees were working and the store was busy, but we were offered help without having to seek them out. They were knowledgeable and friendly and it was clearly a place that really cares about its customers. Thanks for your help!

Sam Wilkes
Los Angeles, CA
July 24, 2020

Yelp Review
Yelp Review

These guys are great. Even though curbside Pick up is on the decline here in LA, they made it work which enables me to keep my 92-year-old father-in-law happy. I can get him the tools he wants, which allows him to do the things he wants to do in his garden while also keeping him safe during Covid. Thank you so much for that!

Five Star Review Tashman Exceeded Expectations Tashmans Did a Great Job on my Project Tashman Home Center is the Best! Tashman Home Center Does Quality Work
Guild Surveys

Tashman is great. I recommend them to anyone. I've recommended them to everyone at my condo, and made them the standard for all of our windows. I've used them for all of our parts and supplies at our condo as well. You can walk in with a little trinket, and someone will come to the counter with the exact part with the knowledge of how to install it.

Tim Z.
West Hollywood, CA
Jan 30 2019

Five Star Review Tashman Exceeded Expectations Tashmans Did a Great Job on my Project Tashman Home Center is the Best! Tashman Home Center Does Quality Work
Google Reviews

If you live anywhere near this hardware store you are lucky. They have a great selection and can typically order anything that they don't have in stock. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. There is a parking area in the back although it is tight and limited and sometimes easier to park either on Genesee or on Santa Monica when possible.

Stephen Visocan
Los Angeles, CA
August 24, 2019

Yelp Review
Yelp Review

I have used Tashman for years as Treasurer of my HOA and for my own home. The staff is exceptionally helpful and I always prefer to go to local stores like Tashman then the big box stores Thank you to everyone at this great store

Five Star Review Tashman Exceeded Expectations Tashmans Did a Great Job on my Project Tashman Home Center is the Best! Tashman Home Center Does Quality Work
Guild Surveys

I would recommend them. We've used them for windows and patio doors. They did a great job. The person that came out, measured, and gave us more information on how the windows would work sent us a quote very quickly so we could decide. It was a great service.

Joe G.
Los Angeles, CA
May 02, 2019

Five Star Review Tashman Exceeded Expectations Tashmans Did a Great Job on my Project Tashman Home Center is the Best! Tashman Home Center Does Quality Work
Google Reviews

They were nice enough to break open a 10-pack of face masks for me during the wildfires last November. They sold me three, which I used in LA when the smoke was super bad, and gave to friends later that weekend in San Francisco.

BB Gunn
San Francisco
Feb 18, 2020

Yelp Review
Yelp Review

Contacted Tashman's today in hope to discuss multi-slide doors and Title 24 requirements. I filled out the online request a quote and Joey called me within 2 hrs of me requesting a quote. He was extremely knowledgeable and willing to share his knowledge with me to help better understand differing information I had received. Truly appreciate him taking the time to help educate a total stranger...that is truly excellent customer service! I don't think our needs align with products they offer, but I wish they did. This company is on top of it! Thanks again Joey for your insight and education, can't thank you enough.

Five Star Review Tashman Exceeded Expectations Tashmans Did a Great Job on my Project Tashman Home Center is the Best! Tashman Home Center Does Quality Work
Guild Surveys

They did a great job, they were amazing, and everything was perfect. They had a good price, and I would rate them the highest scores for everything.

Jordan W.
Los Angeles, CA
July 28, 2018

Tashman Home Center, West Hollywood
Tashman Home Center
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