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Lincoln Windows | Specialty Windows

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About Tashman Home Center Los Angeles
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Product description: Tashman Home Center has been serving West Hollywood and the Greater Los Angeles Area for Over 55 Years Since 1961. We are a Hardware Store, A Screen and Glass Store and a Window Installer. Call us today at 323 498-2417.
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Lincoln Windows | Specialty Windows

Modern architecture often includes higher sidewalls and open spaces. Filling a gable end with glass, including accent windows in a foyer or adding transoms to windows and patio doors has never been easier - we have just the right size and shape.

Lincoln offers rectangular & geometric units as well as radius products together totaling 20 different designs. Specialty windows can be complementary to our standard product or complete stand-alone windows.

Corner Windows

From the outside, corner windows help break up the visual mass of a home and provide unique architectural detail. From the interior, they provide a way to emphasize an incredible view or landscape while allowing sunlight to come in the room from separate directions throughout the day.

The Lincoln corner window is available up to a maximum 96” box width on one side and 72” box width on the other. Maximum box height is 96” with the overall square foot of glass size to not exceed 50 square feet per side.

The specialized center mull post is the significant design feature providing the structural support with minimal sight line interference. This mull post, with an extruded aluminum exterior cover, takes up only 3-1/16” of visual space from each direction.


The studio window is designed to compliment an operating unit as a mulled combination or they can stand alone. Because studios are often fairly large windows, they add a sense of openness to a room and often times are positioned for a great view of the outdoors.

Lincoln constructs fixed studio windows as a direct set or in a sash and frame design. This is a perfect unit for commercial projects when venting is not required or the window is inconvenient to reach. Non-operable windows are also very energy efficient.


With taller ceiling heights and the popularity of great rooms, you need your windows and patio doors to look and feel in proportion to the design. You can always go with a taller window or door, but transoms offer an exceptional design opportunity. Not only do you get the benefit of more light, you add a key architectural element to your room.

Transoms may be split to align with the window or patio door configuration or can be a one-piece design that extends over the entire span. Our transoms are made to exacting standards and can be built with narrow and wide stiles to maintain site lines. When looking for a little extra style or flair, transoms are a simple and attractive solution for your taller window and patio door requirements.


Be exciting, distinctive and even a little daring by incorporating a curved shape into your next project! Choose an elegant half round style as the focal point of your elevation or an elliptical or a…well you get the idea. And that’s just a small sample of what Lincoln’s specialty department can do!

Lincoln specialty shapes are crafted from a CAD template and built as a direct set frame or a sash and frame style. Interior trim is shaped to fit the window radius, molded to your profile and provide superb fit and finish.

Direct Sets

A direct set shape is best described by installing a piece of insulated glass ‘directly’ into its frame. This is the most cost effective means to purchasing a non-operating window. Lincoln direct set windows can be built in every shape we offer including radius products and geometric shapes.

Direct sets are custom-sized windows and can include: many grille types, ten interior trim profiles, six wood species, applied jamb extensions, interior prime or Lincoln’s FinalFinish, StormPoint impact glazing, all glass options, and nearly any paint color.

Recent design trends led us to a contemporary style square stop profile - availabe on all direct set products.

Sash Sets

A sash set Lincoln window employs a heavier look by adding a sash component with-in a frame (glass is glazed into a sash which is then installed into a frame). This design complements our operating units and is commonly used in combinations because glass sightlines match better.

Architecturally, a sash set is usually favored for its enhanced aesthetics. This type of window construction is both appealing and functional. View our options section for additional features such as: exterior trims, grilles, interior casings, colors and our many glass choices.

Double Hung Window Corner Features

  1. 4-9/16” jamb
  2. Interior wood glazing stop options
  3. 3⁄4” warm edge insulating glass
  4. 1” thick frame
  5. .050 extruded aluminum frame. Vinyl exteriors utilize .050 extruded PVC vinyl. Wood units have primed sash on the exterior with cPVC sill, sill nosing and brickmould
Tashman Home Center Los Angeles
Hardware Store Los Angeles Tashman Home Center
Tashman Home Center Los Angeles

See what our customers are saying. Click on the blue dots on the map to read real customer reviews. Our customers are very important to us. We listen to what you say and use your feedback to improve our business. Guild is a private company that helps us track our installation process and get real feedback from our customers.

Guild Surveys
Five Star Review Tashman Exceeded Expectations Tashmans Did a Great Job on my Project Tashman Home Center is the Best! Tashman Home Center Does Quality Work
Google Reviews

Maybe I have low standards from years of going to larger stores, but I had a perfect experience today and will only shop here from now on. 4 employees were working and the store was busy, but we were offered help without having to seek them out. They were knowledgeable and friendly and it was clearly a place that really cares about its customers. Thanks for your help!

Sam Wilkes
Los Angeles, CA
July 24, 2020

Yelp Review
Yelp Review

These guys are great. Even though curbside Pick up is on the decline here in LA, they made it work which enables me to keep my 92-year-old father-in-law happy. I can get him the tools he wants, which allows him to do the things he wants to do in his garden while also keeping him safe during Covid. Thank you so much for that!

Five Star Review Tashman Exceeded Expectations Tashmans Did a Great Job on my Project Tashman Home Center is the Best! Tashman Home Center Does Quality Work
Guild Surveys

Tashman is great. I recommend them to anyone. I've recommended them to everyone at my condo, and made them the standard for all of our windows. I've used them for all of our parts and supplies at our condo as well. You can walk in with a little trinket, and someone will come to the counter with the exact part with the knowledge of how to install it.

Tim Z.
West Hollywood, CA
Jan 30 2019

Five Star Review Tashman Exceeded Expectations Tashmans Did a Great Job on my Project Tashman Home Center is the Best! Tashman Home Center Does Quality Work
Google Reviews

If you live anywhere near this hardware store you are lucky. They have a great selection and can typically order anything that they don't have in stock. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. There is a parking area in the back although it is tight and limited and sometimes easier to park either on Genesee or on Santa Monica when possible.

Stephen Visocan
Los Angeles, CA
August 24, 2019

Yelp Review
Yelp Review

I have used Tashman for years as Treasurer of my HOA and for my own home. The staff is exceptionally helpful and I always prefer to go to local stores like Tashman then the big box stores Thank you to everyone at this great store

Five Star Review Tashman Exceeded Expectations Tashmans Did a Great Job on my Project Tashman Home Center is the Best! Tashman Home Center Does Quality Work
Guild Surveys

I would recommend them. We've used them for windows and patio doors. They did a great job. The person that came out, measured, and gave us more information on how the windows would work sent us a quote very quickly so we could decide. It was a great service.

Joe G.
Los Angeles, CA
May 02, 2019

Five Star Review Tashman Exceeded Expectations Tashmans Did a Great Job on my Project Tashman Home Center is the Best! Tashman Home Center Does Quality Work
Google Reviews

They were nice enough to break open a 10-pack of face masks for me during the wildfires last November. They sold me three, which I used in LA when the smoke was super bad, and gave to friends later that weekend in San Francisco.

BB Gunn
San Francisco
Feb 18, 2020

Yelp Review
Yelp Review

Contacted Tashman's today in hope to discuss multi-slide doors and Title 24 requirements. I filled out the online request a quote and Joey called me within 2 hrs of me requesting a quote. He was extremely knowledgeable and willing to share his knowledge with me to help better understand differing information I had received. Truly appreciate him taking the time to help educate a total stranger...that is truly excellent customer service! I don't think our needs align with products they offer, but I wish they did. This company is on top of it! Thanks again Joey for your insight and education, can't thank you enough.

Five Star Review Tashman Exceeded Expectations Tashmans Did a Great Job on my Project Tashman Home Center is the Best! Tashman Home Center Does Quality Work
Guild Surveys

They did a great job, they were amazing, and everything was perfect. They had a good price, and I would rate them the highest scores for everything.

Jordan W.
Los Angeles, CA
July 28, 2018

Tashman Home Center, West Hollywood
Tashman Home Center - Ace Hardware
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